Sodar Wind Monitoring Update
19th May 2016


New England Wind is nearing the end of its lease period for wind monitoring using the sodar equipment on three different sites in the New England region. The sodar monitoring program is going well - we have completed monitoring at two sites and are well underway at the third.

So far, the first site looks to have insufficient wind to be viable. The three month monitoring period showed an average wind speed of less than 6 m/s, and even when correcting for long term trends, this result did not improve.

The second site was monitored for 6 months and shows a better wind resource (over 6 m/s), but it is still considered marginal and in light of other constraints, we will not progress this site further at this time.

The third site is our preferred option, but after only 1.5 months of monitoring, it is too early to tell if the wind resource is sufficient to validate further investigation.