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New England Wind


Welcome to New England Wind (NEW), a project which aims to establish the first community-owned wind farm in NSW. A community-owned wind farm based on the New England Tablelands will have significant benefits for residents, businesses and organisations in this region.

NEW will establish a community-owned wind farm of 4-8 turbines (depending on financial considerations and grid capacity), able to produce a substantial portion of the residential electricity usage of the New England Region. NEW has arisen from a vision for long-term energy self-sufficiency for New England. 

Achieving these goals – both establishing NEW and ultimately achieving energy self-sufficiency – will require a large groundswell of support. 

Please consider supporting this initiative. We would greatly welcome your involvement!

Follow the links for further information about the New England Wind project, including details of project background and the initial feasibility study, and how to become involved in this project. Further reading on community renewable energy and wind energy can also be found here.

Current Priorities

With a recent funding boost from Office of Environment and Heritage, several parts of this project have been able to progress.

Work has commenced on the new priority site for the community wind farm and discussions with stakeholders are in progress. An initial assessment of grid connection costs shows that cost of connection would not be prohibitive at the proposed site.

The 2014 Community Energy Congress aims to create a new approach to energy in Australia – to decarbonise, decentralise and democratise our energy system. Communities are leading the way in creating sustainable energy enterprises that increase local energy security and create regional community development opportunities.

For details and registration, please read more here.

Wind Information Centre - NEW has created an educational display marquee with windfarm diorama, wind turbine models, photomontages and other information about community wind farms and wind energy. This Wind Info Centre travelled around the New England region during the latter part of 2013, appearing at local markets and in other venues. To help continue educational attendance at events in 2014, volunteers to help man this display will be very welcome. Please Contact Us if you would like to assist.

Yes2Wind coreflute signs are available now to the public. These signs are similar to the No to Coal Seam Gas signs, but are black and white triangles.They can be purchased for $5 by expressing interest at Contact Us. Details of payment and collection will then be supplied.

NEW Cooperative

The New England Wind Cooperative (NEW Coop) is now being formed to lead and coordinate the work required to establish a community wind farm in New England. New England residents and businesses will be able to invest in the community wind farm through the cooperative and receive returns from the wind energy produced.

Benefits from the wind farm established by this cooperative will return to the New England community through direct investment as well as via a pre-determined Community Benefits Plan. 


Wed 13th Nov 2013
Tue 17th Sep 2013